Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

He is not insane...He simply wants to die.
What better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon than by watching two of the greats duke it out? Even if it is only for the last ten minutes of film. This is Lugosi's only outing as Frankenstein's monster and Lon Chaney reprises his role as the Wolf Man.

When grave robbers make the mistake of disturbing Larry Talbot's (Chaney) grave on the night of a full moon the beast is revived and out to kill again.  Later, Talbot tracks down the old gypsy woman from the first film and she takes him to Frankenstein, because she's heard he has forbidden knowledge of life and death, but when the arrive at Frankenstein's castle they find it in ruins and the doctor long dead.

But what about UNDER the castle..?

A bit slow in the middle and definitely not enough monster on monster violence, Universal still delivers on a film that stands up nicely in their pantheon of classics.

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