Sunday, April 28, 2013

King Vulture's Sound Attack

Years ago when I lived in Boston I worked with Chaz Mathews from The Dimestore Haloes. Great guy, great band. He made me a mix tape once, full of fantastic bands plus some demoes from the Haloes third album (if you don't have anything from the Dimestore Haloes, get your ass on itunes pronto!) The one band that stood out more than the others was a band called The Malakas. I'd never heard of them and there was only two songs, Girl From NA and Can't Find The Lord, but those two songs got soooo much repeated plays.
Here's a couple of singer/songwriter Cranford Nix solo performances and one full band...
Met A Girl At N.A.
Fuck You, Lorraine
Cranford Nix wrote great songs, The Malakas were an awesome band. But Cranford is sadly gone. Follow the link on his name to the website to listen to all his music. The website is important, seriously. When I first heard those two songs I looked everywhere for a full length album and checked the web and kept having no luck. I went digging on Youtube today and found these above plus a few others, but the real find was the website. I literally knew nothing about the person who wrote two of my favorite songs an hour ago. Welcome to your new favorite band.

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