Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror

My comics collecting really began when I was given a large box of random 60's and 70's comics when I was in 3rd grade. The box was chock full of anthology comics from Charlton and DC, like Weird War, Ghosts, GI Combat and Ghost Manor. I spent hours reading and re-reading every issue, drooling over the art and wanting more. In many ways I'm still that kid and always will be.
Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror scratches that monster itch I've had most of my life. Resurrecting the feel of the old EC days of Tales From The Crypt, but with a freshness that makes it more than a throwback.
Each issue is hosted by The Bloke, a British undertaker along with his hot cohort, the Fearleader.

Writer Jason Crawley (aka The Bloke, as he appears at conventions) has a twisted sense of humor and must have grown up watching the Twilight Zone (Clockwork Orange style). He's previously written Son of 6 and Tomb of Horror with his own imprint Virus Comix.
Over the course of a single issue he spins about six self contained vignettes, ranging from creepy sci-fi, gothic ghost tales, zombies, werewolves, vampires, and more. Every issue is tight and fun, devoid of filler.

And then there's the artwork. Most of the art chores are up to Mike Hoffman, who I've profiled here before. He does all the covers and most of the interiors.
No stranger to horror, Hoffman's work has graced the pages of Hellblazer, Taboo, Twisted Tales and Swamp Thing. On par with Frank Frazetta and Bernie Wrightson, Hoffman's gorgeously painted covers and black an white interiors gives Crawley's words legs and every issue runs like a cheetah (a hungry zombie cheetah!).
The rest of the art duties go to a changing line up of talented folks who never disappoint.

Even better for the art, Tomb is presented in an old school magazine style, perfect for letting the horror breath.

You can get your bloody hands on a copy of all 6 issues (number 7 is due in June) through IndyPlanet or at comic and horror conventions where the Bloke appears. And follow the Bloke on Twitter @BlokesTomb, cause he's a hell of a nice guy! 

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