Saturday, June 22, 2013

Everett Hartsoe Readies A New RAZOR Graphic Novel

Bleeding Cool  has a report about Everett Hartsoe bringing back his underground heroine Razor in a new graphic novel and checking out Kickstarter it looks like he's made his goal! Pretty damn cool.
I discovered Razor back in the early 90's on one of my pilgrimages to Clinton's Cards, Comics, and Collectibles in Clinton, TN-an amazing shop. Being a huge fan of Quinn and Vigil's Faust and devouring any underground horror comic I could find, the sight of a leather clad chick with big ass Wolverine blades was of course going to grab my attention.
I've since lost my original collection of comics and all those old Razor books along with it. Considering that I had issues with covers by Tim Vigil and James O'Barr that I'll probably never replace just breaks my heart.
Anyway. Congrats to Hartsoe! That's bad ass to know Razor is coming back. The art looks better than ever. I'm definitely on board for some new slicing and dicing!

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