Thursday, August 21, 2014


If you're a fan of British street punk like The Exploited then you'll love Special Duties. As much as I like old school Brit punk, I somehow missed Special Duties, which is a shame, because this reissue is a damn fine album. Tight and snotty, fast and nasty. In other words; right up my alley. Formed in 1977 Essex by three school friends, SD recorded their debut album in 1982, "'77 in '82". And then blasted Crass with the tune Bullshit Crass, which didn't go over well with distributors Rough Trade and Small Wonder, who refused to stock their albums. The band broke up a year later, but would reform a few times over the years.
Now Jailhouse Records is re-releasing all their material over two albums. Blasting this album makes me feel like I'm seventeen again. Lots of violent audio fun. This is a must for old school punk fans with a disdain for all the sun shiny overproduced pop crap.

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