Sunday, September 7, 2014


If you're going to name your album after the genre you play in, it damn well better be definitive. Like DRI's  'Crossover'. It was the blueprint for crossover metal (hardcore punk bands that started playing
thrash/speed metal). Phobia's 'Grindcore' is exactly what grindcore is; down tuned guitars, blast beats,
shrieking/growling vocals, and lightning fast chaos. So, yes, 'Grindcore' is pretty damned definitive.
Grindcore was pioneered by bands like Napalm Death, who is probably the biggest name of the genre, and combined the nastiest bits of punk, metal, and industrial. Grindcore has never achieved a mass acceptance or any bands I can think of have crossed over to greater success, but there is a purity to Grindcore that is beautiful. This is a brutal form of music with songs clocking in from a few seconds to under two minutes (this new album from Phobia, with its eight songs, fits on a 7" record). It's not easy music to play, even with the songs being short, there is a stamina required of the musicians that those who can't appreciate Grindcore may take for granted.
 Formed in Southern California in 1990, Phobia are now 24 year veterans of Grind with a deep discography and miles of touring behind them (although Shane Maclachlan is the sole remaining
original member).  Over two decades in and they don't sound jaded, haven't betrayed their fans, and rip like a much younger band. You look at a lot of other bands who got a quarter century into their careers and they're barely recognizable from who they were when they "made it". This new EP is a manic storm of political/emotional madness and will leave you breathless. You want to get into Grindcore or you have a friend who's curious; put "Grindcore" in their hands and worn them about the whiplash.

You can order Grindcore here

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