Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Philly hardcore crust punks Population Zero and Scottish black metal powerhouse Fifteen Dead have teamed up for sick split album on Suburban White Trash Records. Fifteen Dead's two tracks, Will To Power and Wealth Of Nations, are as good as any black metal I've ever heard. Population Zero have the next four tracks, Lies, Blast Effects, Preemptive Action, and Threatening Skies, all are blazing. No filler here.
Musically both bands are exciting and talented, every track is tight and brutal. I've never been a big fan of either band's vocal styles (death metal growl, scream/screech), mostly because I like to know what the singer is saying. I have learned to appreciate more extreme vocal styles by accepting them as another instrument (think John Zorn's sax on Naked City tracks), so it's a minor, personal gripe for me. I have to admit though, the vocals on Will To Power and Threatening Skies are pretty infectious. Otherwise, for punk and metal fans XVO is a damn fine addition to anyone's album collection.  
If you have a chance to catch these bands live, don't pass on it and get XVO (there's also a cassette edition for us weirdos who still like tapes). You can sample/buy the album here from Chaos Records Distro.
And since proof is in the pudding...

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