Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Ontario's grindcore heroes Corrupt Leaders have a new EP that kicks you in the ass and leaves faster than most bands get started. Four tracks and the longest one is 50 seconds. This sucks, because these four songs are fantastic and could use about twenty friends for a truly satisfying experience. DO NOT LET THIS DETER YOU FROM DOWNLOADING THIS EP NOW AND/OR BUYING THE 5" WHEN ITS RELEASED IN APRIL!
Comparing it to their first EP (s/t) I'm not sure if Grindmother is an evolution or de-evolution for Corrupt Leaders. On the debut the songs stretch from a little over a minute to a near prog-rocking three minutes. Grindmother takes all the debut's rage and fire and boils it down to it's white hot essence. The band as a whole is tight, but I have to give it the rhythm section for standing out in this blur of sonic fury.
Grindmother is a true aural assault even in it's brevity and check out that witchy album cover!
Here's my favorite track on the album, "Beaten Path"!
Follow the link above for Corrupt Leader's Bandcamp page. Also available there is the split EP with Dogma.

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