Sunday, October 4, 2015


What Halloween would be complete with some Werewolves In Siberia? And what a treat...a new album; The Dead House. If you've been following Stranger With Friction, you know I LUV WiS. Inspired by the awesome horror scores of the 70s and 80s, Chris Cavaretto created this solo synth juggernaught. The last album, Beyond The City Of The Living Dead, was an instant classic and I can say the same for The Original Soundtrack* to The Dead House (*not a real movie).
While not a real soundtrack, The Dead House sucks you in as if it is conveying a story and does so without a single lyric. As with past WiS releases, Chris creates amazing soundscapes on The Dead House that are creepy and compelling providing the perfect score for the horror film that is your life.
Download The Dead House HERE for just $3! 

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