Sunday, December 27, 2015


I've been aware of the entity Luchagore Productions for a while now, but I hadn't seen any of their
actual work until I watched the sick anthology film Mexico Barbaro. In it, Luchagore produced the final segment of the film, Dia De La Muerte, directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero. It's a visually stunning, dread filled slice of violence that sort of mashes up From Dusk Till Dawn and I Spit On Your Grave, while being more satisfying than either. (You can read my review of the film on Popshifter HERE).
So impressed, I looked up Guerrero and Luchagore and found their website, which tells the story of a team of true horror fans with a portfolio page full of shorts, videos, and trailers. Including a fucked up Christmas short, that will scare you into staying off the naughty list!
Mostly known for their amazing short films, Luchagore has also unleashed the full length El Gigante. (from IMDB; "A desperate and determined Mexican American woman heads out to the United States/Mexico border to make a documentary film about Border Patrol abusing illegal immigrants to honor her missing parents, but she quickly discovers that the border is a hunting ground for a homicidal, cannibalistic family, the largest, deadliest member a psychotic luchador who brutalizes his victims in his blood-stained ring before slaughtering them for meat.")
I'm really excited for this one! Wrestling mixed with a little Texas Chainsaw-oh my God!
(In the portfolio section you'll also find a beautiful and haunting video called Paloma, that's not to be missed.)
Keep an eye out for the name Luchagore Productions. I think this team will be shocking and thrilling us for a long time to come. We horror fans (especially those of us north of 30) have seen a lot of highs and lows. Sometimes we get amazing gore, but amateur filmmaking and sometimes we get slick thrillers, that don't deliver on the red stuff. But Luchagore is technically proficient, delivers buckets of blood, and doesn't skimp on story even in a five minute short. That deserves our respect and support! 
Stranger With Friction gives Luchagore Productions the thumbs up and I can't wait to see more!  

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