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Hey, fiends! Here's an excerpt from from latest book, City Long Suffering. If you like what you read you can get the e-book HERE for $3.99 and the physical book HERE for$11.99. 
The afternoon was wearing down when Robert pulled into a large gas station. As he unscrewed the cap he scanned the parking lot and street and saw the Camaro from earlier in the day driving by slowly from the direction they’d just come. It pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store across the street. The driver parked by the entrance, but the engine was still running. By the time the gas tank was full the occupants had still not gotten out. Robert replaced the cap and slid back behind the wheel, watching the rear view mirror.
“What? You see something, Robert?”
“That Camaro that passed us earlier. Somehow they got
 behind us again and just parked across the street.”
“How many were in the car?”
“Ok. Just take off like nothing’s wrong. It might just be
 a coincidence.”
Bad Penny had dozed off, but opened her eyes as the engine restarted.
“Mmmm-where are we?”
“South Carolina.”
“Yikes. How much farther should we go?”
“I was going to stop here, but I think we’ve got a tail.”
“Oh shit, for real? Robert what the fuck are you going to do?”
“He’s going to drive and we’re all going to stay calm. If there’s trouble, I’m a good shot.”
Robert put the car in drive and pulled out onto the street, passing the Camaro. About half a block
 past and the Camaro pulled out too.
Robert put the pedal to the floor, whipping into the oncoming lane past a pick up truck and then
 a hard right up a small hill. The street lead into a neighborhood and Robert started taking rights
 and lefts, but he never lost the Camaro that were just behind them at every turn.
Robert bounced the Charger out onto a four-lane highway keeping it floored, but the Camaro was
 driving right up his ass.
“We need to find a crowded shopping center or something…”
“Not if there’s going to be shooting. Look, pull into that church. I’m gonna stop this shit right now.”
Ann had the gun in her hand and turned the safety off. Robert took a hard left, skidding a bit and
nearly hitting the brick sign. The Camaro had to swerve, bouncing into the shallow ditch and into 
the parking lot. By the time they were able to stop Ann was already out of the car leveling the gun 
at them.
The passenger jumped out first with a sawed off shotgun. Ann pumped a single slug through his throat. 
As that was happening, the driver was getting out, but the sight of his partner’s blood splashing across 
the windshield gave him pause-time enough for Ann to shoot out the front left tire.
Robert had gotten out and was moving low behind her.
“Stay back, Robert. You! Get out of the car or I’ll put a bullet between your eyes!”
The driver got out, hands raised.
“Whoa, whoa! I don’t know what’s goin’ on, lady! I was just told to follow you!”
“Yea, and I guess you didn’t know your buddy had a shotgun? Put your hands on the hood and spread 
your legs. Robert, check him. And get ready to get messy, because if he moves, I’m blowing his 
brains out.”
Robert patted him down and took a .38 from his waistband and his wallet. Robert looked in the 
back and saw more guns, a machete, a chainsaw, baseball bats, rope, and chains.
Robert turned to Ann, “They’re boy scouts.”
“They’ve got enough hardware back here, they’ve prepared for everything.”
Ann stood behind the driver, reaching around to hold the pistol under his chin.
“You kill those people yourself? Huh? Or are there more of you?”
“I didn’t kill anyone.”
“Then who told you to follow us?”
“You ain’t gonna live long enough to find out, bitch.”
“Oh, did you find your balls?”
Robert was going through the car, “I found his cell phone! …Damn, there’re only initials by the 
“Don’t worry, Porter will figure it out.”
“Nooooo heeee woooooon’t.”
“Shit, I bet he’s already dead.”
Ann took a step back and put a bullet through the back of his left knee. He dropped to the ground 
screaming profanity. Bad Penny was slack jawed and got a chill when Ann turned her head to the 
side admiring her own handy work.
“I lost my son two years ago. I also lost my ability to give a shit about, well, almost anyone. Except 
my husband. He’s not dead. In fact,”
She shot his other knee.
“He’s going to kill whoever sent you after us and anyone else connected to you all. Robert, get his 
keys and then help me dump him in his car.”
Robert pulled the keys out of the ignition and pocketed them. Then he pulled the driver up by the 
armpits, while Ann grabbed him by the belt keeping the gun pointing at his face. They stuffed him 
behind the wheel and closed the door. Ann turned toward the Charger stumbling a bit, shaking so 
bad she almost dropped the gun.
“Are you ok, Ann?”
She grabbed Robert’s shoulder.
“That was crazy, huh?!”
He chuckled, “Uh, yea.”
Ann got out her cell phone and hit Porter’s number. She smiled at Bad Penny mouthing ‘holy shit!’ 
to Robert.
Porter’s phone rang almost until the voice mail would have picked up.
“Hi, cunt. Where you at?”
Robert caught Ann as her legs gave out. She stared at the phone in disbelief. Robert took it from 
her and hit speaker. There was a gravelly voice calling out to her.
“Are you there, you dried up bitch?”
“Who is this?!”
“Would you believe the Terrible Head? Now who are you, homie?”
Ann screamed into the phone, “Where’s Porter?!”
“He’s right here, mama! Relax. Tell me where you are and we’ll come get you and you can see him. 
Where’s my boys? I know they were on you just a little bit ago.”
“Bleeding, mother fucker! One’s already dead!”
“Awwww! That’s so unfriendly.”
Ann tore away from Robert with the phone and ran to the Camaro. She jerked the door open and put 
a bullet into the driver’s crotch.
“Who’s on this phone, asshole?! Who has my husband?!”
He just screamed and shook his head.
She shot him in the belly next.
“WHO, god dammit?!”
On the phone the Terrible Head was whooping and hollering. “Kill’em, bitch! Go on! You ain’t 
seeing yer old man in one piece ever again any way!”
Ann shot the driver in the face and started walking toward the Charger. She said into the phone, 
“I’ll see you soon,” and hung up.
“We’re going home. Pop the trunk.”
Robert hit the button on the key fob and he and Bad Penny followed Ann to the rear of the car.
Bad Penny slapped Robert in the chest, “Holy shit, dude!”
The trunk was full of shotguns, semi-automatic assault rifles, and handguns. Ann started popping 
rounds into the chambers and handing them to Robert.
“Put them up front.”
“Are expecting the zombie apocalypse, Mrs. Gray?”
She glanced back at Bad Penny.
“We expect everything.”
“Ann, what about Porter? Should we call Ray or Sam?”
She thought about it for a second.
“I don’t know who we can really trust at the department. I can’t think of anything Ray could do. 
Daily. I’ll call Sergeant Daily with the highway patrol. Porter liked…likes him.”
They all got back into the car. Ann looked back at Bad Penny.
“What to do with you?”
“What do you mean?”
“This is going to get ugly. We need to drop you off somewhere safe.”
“I would really feel safest with you!”
“Ann, someone else could be following us. If we drop her off they might take her.”
“Yea…you ever shoot a gun before?”
“Then take the shotgun. You don’t need to be a good shot with it.”
Robert found the fastest way back to Maupins with the GPS and headed for the interstate.

Ann went through her contacts and found Sergeant Daily’s name and hit ‘call’.

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