Sunday, June 5, 2016


There's not a lot of films coming out that really keep the legacy of Giallo alive, at least not that I've seen, other than an occasional gem like The Strange Color Of Your Body's Tears (2013). The Strange Color... is a lush and mesmerizing film that gives the architects and masters of Giallo a run for their money. Instead, I've been seeing the influence of Bava and Argento showing up in music videos.
I've compiled a short list of some of the cooler ones I've come across. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of all the bands, some of the music isn't the kind of thing I'd listen to much or at all, but the videos are all really cool and worthy of a few minutes of your time.

Slow Coda "Valspeak"
(might owe a little more to American 80s slashers, but watch the way the camera moves)
Harrison Kipner "Monster"
(Very much calls to mind Suspiria, because of the dancers, but the overall visuals are pretty cool.)
Johnny Butler and Dani Mara "Darkness (Mater Tenebrarum)"
(Video isn't available on Youtube, but worth a click on the link below
Lioness "The Night"
(More poppy than I usually listen to, but the song started growing on me. Crazy witch action.)
Huntress "Sorrow"
(Granted the reference to Karnstein is pure Hammer Horror, the visuals owe more to Mario Bava)
Arcana 13 "Dread Ritual"
(Pure classic Bava)
Ghostface Killah "Rise Of The Ghostface Killah"
(Possibly the coolest video on this list, no joke. Wu Tang Clan, even solo, is NEVER something to fuck with!)
Coliseum "Black Magic Punks"
(Love, love, love this song. The video very much calls to mind Argento's Three Mother films.)

No doubt there's plenty more that I can't remember or haven't seen. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments or to me on Twitter @Holyrooster. If we come up with enough names, I'll run a second playlist!

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