Thursday, January 26, 2017


This Sound Attack was inspired by listening to Maiden's Number Of The Beast, particularly the album closer "Hallowed Be Thy Name", a seven minute epic about a prisoner about to be hanged. It's one of Maiden's greatest songs and a live staple (I saw it performed in Charlotte NC a few years ago-it's an incredibly powerful moment in a set that's full of powerful moments). I immediately thought of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' "Mercy Seat" and there you go, a new Sound Attack is born, featuring songs about the condemned. Expect multiple Johnny Cash songs, by the way. He recorded more than a few!
For the record, I oppose the death penalty and I don't believe these songs to be in anyway endorsing the practice. There is much horror and drama to be found in the stories of the condemned and these artists (along with several others I didn't include) do a great job of giving voice to the voiceless. This set closes with a beautiful Tom Waits track (also recorded by Johnny Cash) that isn't necessarily from the perspective of a condemned man, but at least a wayward pilgrim that has arrived at that last train station.
Iron Maiden..."Hallowed Be Thy Name"
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds..."The Mercy Seat"
Johnny Cash..."The Mercy Seat"
Black 47..."Sam Hall"
Johnny Cash..."Sam Hall"
Bruce Springsteen..."Dead Man Walking"
Metallica..."Ride The Lightning"
Pine Valley Cosmonauts..."25 Minutes To Go"
Johnny Cash..."25 Minutes To Go"
Puerto Muerto..."Hangman's Song"
Tom Waits..."Down There By The Train"

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