Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Heroes Have Always Been Monsters Part 5

I caught Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case late one night and at first thought I was watching a pretty stupid movie, but about half way through I realized it was pretty wrong and it creeped me out pretty bad. To me this movie loses nothing with age and remains a freaky classic like the classic Troma Films and the works of John Waters.


  1. Belial is still one of the most original monsters ever to grace the screen. Even through two sequels that weren't nearly as much fun, Belial remained a creepy little bastard.
    We don't have minds like Frank Henenlotter around much anymore. Basket Case, Frankenhooker, Brain Damage... all good stuff, nowhere close to normal. Absolute twistoid.

  2. Agreed on all accounts. I couldn't wrap my head around the two sequels, they seemed like good ideas that just got away. But Belial...yea. Nothing else like him!