Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Heroes Have Always Been Monsters Part 12

The first thing that ever truly scared me so bad that I couldn't sleep for a week was an episode of George Romero's horror anthology tv series Tales From The Darkside featuring a little white monkey demon that lived in a little closet.

"Inside The Closet" was directed by FX master/gore guru Tom Savini-a name that didn't mean anything to me back in elementary school, but years later would be one that I sought out in my journey deeper into the world of horror.

Tales From The Darkside ran from '83 to '88, after the success of Romero's film Creepshow. That show haunted me as a kid, and I was one that would have nightmares if I saw a commercial for a Friday The 13th film. But the show never seemed quite as scary as the opening, until I saw "In The Closet". My heart was racing even before the reveal of the monster and when it was finally shown in all it's horrible glory, my mind shut down and I fled the room!
I'm not giving away any plot points, I'm just recommending you hunt down this episode. It's a fantastic series and has been collected on DVD. TV and horror have only been right together a few times, this is a shining example of a win.
Here's the opening...
Keep watching the sky, nerds!

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