Sunday, July 15, 2012

Exploding Toy Box; Squee! Edition

I love action figures and I collect Batman and Frankenstein and snatch up obscure or rare comic and horror figures when I can. I also love checking out custom jobs, because like a lot of collectors I have my own wish list of characters that will never get an official release. I'm also a writer and artist with my own characters that I'd love to see brought to life in plastic...well there's good news for all of us underground/indie/amateur/armchair creators...

Here's the description from;

Each extremely poseable BLANX figure comes ready for you to customize. Featuring an alternate head and two extra pairs of hands. The possibilities for customization are endless!

These are 3and3/4 inch figures (aka 80's GI Joe size and they are only...$6.99. 
This bald bastard to the left is Alpha and currently the only one available, but more body types are on the way if Alpha does well. SO SUPPORT!
Check out the gallery for what others have pulled off!

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