Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Heroes Have Always Been Monsters Part 23

 When I was a teenager and trying to track down various horror films I'd heard were good, Argento was a name I kept hearing but never found, not until I was in college when I finally found a cut version of Susperia.
Since then I've been a massive fan, eagerly anticipating new releases and collecting the old.
Argento's films are technically brilliant-the lighting, the angles, the sets. All gorgeous. The stories themselves can be hit or miss-expecting the audience to accept A LOT sometimes, but with the exception of Phantom of the Opera I have never seen an Argento film I didn't love on some level.
I've argued with plenty of people over whether or not Argento is a good director and/or makes good films, but I stand by his work and highly recommend  everything except Phantom of the Opera (not to be confused with his superior Terror at the Opera aka Opera), I mean, watch it, it won't kill you, but for me I just wasn't feeling it.
Any who, here's a gallery of movie posters/vhs/dvd covers. There's a couple missing yes. One I've never seen and one is Phantom. Also I forgot the awesome Jenifer and pretty good Pelts from the Masters of Horror series.
 There should be a book to cover everything there is to tell about Dario and in fact there is, it's called Broken Mirros/Broken Minds by Maitland McDonagh and it's a must read if you're a film buff, obsessed with these movies, or just wondering WTF?
Probably the best of his 70's films, Four Flies on Gray Velvet.
 Cool and weird and scary, can't say a bad thing about it.
 The first mother.
 The second mother.
 Excellent, a must see.
 Maybe my favorite, depends on the day. Flawless.
 Hello, young Jennifer Connelly! I heard she hates this film. Weird. It's the best thing I've seen her in except Requiem for a Dream.
 I got into an argument in a video store with a clerk over this one. Yes, I have a problem with a part of the climax, but it's still a strong film.
Two short films based on Poe's work, one directed by Romero. Argento also produced Romero's Dawn of the Dead.
 Sometimes wonky, but overall quite good.
Starring Max Von Sydow. Excellent.
 Why, yes I do.
The third mother.
 Still waiting to see this one. Heard bad things, don't care, gonna watch it anyway.
Can't wait! This has got to be wacky as hell.

...And to wrap up, here's a nasty scene from Tenebre!

Keep watching the sky, nerds!

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