Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Out Today...

  • The Theatrical Version and the Television Cut with added footage not seen in the theatrical version
  • Audio commentary with director Rick Rosenthal
  • Audio commentary with stunt co-ordinator/actor Dick Warlock
  • The Nightmare Isn’t Over – The Making Of Halloween II, featuring Rick Rosenthal, Lance Guest, Dick Warlock, Alan Howarth, Dean Cundey and more..
  • Horror’s Hallowed Grounds: Revisiting the original shooting locations
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer, TV and Radio Spots

  • Audio Commentaries — In the first track, director Tommy Lee Wallace is joined by fans Robert V. Galluzzo from Icons of Fright and Sean Clark of Horror Hound magazine. The discussion is mostly a Q&A commentary as Rob and Sean keep instigating Wallace to keep talking while also interjecting a few choice remarks in between by Rob and Sean. Although not very engaging with a few pockets of silence, there is a very good deal of insightful information being related, mostly on the cast, origins of several ideas and locations.

    In the second audio track, documentary filmmaker and producer of the DVD Michael Felsher sits down with actor Tom Atkins. More entertaining and lighthearted than the first, the two men clearly enjoy each other's company while talking about the movie's legacy and a bit on its history. There's nary a moment of silence as Atkins shares lots of great memories and his eventual involvement with this production. Of the two, this is arguably the better, but they're both honestly good commentaries with a great fan-made appeal to them.

  • Stand Alone: The Making of Halloween III: Season of the Witch (HD, 33 min) — Presented in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, the new retrospective documentary is a surprisingly frank discussion on the plot and the production. With several recent interviews of key players, everyone involved shares a wealth of great memories and anecdotes of the cast & crew while also giving honest critiques of the movie and characters. Comments of the finished product and its legacy towards the end are the highlight of the doc.

  • Horror's Hallowed Grounds: The Locations of Halloween III (HD, 20 minutes) — Sean Clark of Horror Hound magazine takes fans on an awesome tour of the various locations where the movie was filmed as they appear today with a great unexpected appearance from Wallace.

  • Still Gallery (HD) — A large collection of promotional pictures and production stills.

  • Publicity (1080i/60, HD) — Two TV spots, one commercial for the television premiere, a cool teaser and the original theatrical preview.

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