Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Can we talk about this movie??? Not a direct sequel, just a cheap Italian rip off from 1980. I feel like I heard about Alien 2 On Earth a long time ago, but I never found a copy and thus forgot about it. I came across it again while exploring Troll 2's IMDB page and watched the trailer...You need to watch this trailer!
That looks friggin' rad right? Amazon has an awesome review written by a thirteen year old who claims "This movie is not for kids, just adults, SUPER SCARY, GORY, BLOODY, AND A SCENE OF NUDITY." 
How much endorsement do you need??? It also features Michele Soavi (The Sect, The Church, Cemetery Man)! 
And then there's ROBOWAR from Bruno Mattei. Looks like it's an almost shot for shot rip off of Predator except with a reject villain from Mighy Morphin Power Rangers. What's not sweet about THAT?
If your going to do a shit rip off of a good film, look to the Italians for how to do it right!

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