Thursday, April 3, 2014


Wow, a lot has been happening lately! The two most notable bits of news are polar opposite in the good/bad variety. We lost Dave Brockie the man who was Oderus Orungus of GWAR. He was just 50! It sucks. I owned GWAR's two films Phallus In Wonderland and Skullhead Face. Both were endlessly entertaining and hilarious. And disgusting. And awesome. Oderus's appearance on the Fearnet series Holliston was a great joy.
At the other end of the spectrum comes the surprise news that PHANTASM V; RAVAGER is complete! I loooove Phantasm and I'm a huge Don Coscarelli fan. This film means a lot to mean and I can't wait to see it. It looks amazing...
The Walking Dead season finale was great except that it was only five minutes long! Seriously it was over so quick, but damn if it wasn't a nice place to stop; "They're screwing with the wrong people."
Bates Motel keeps getting better. I was completely skeptical about this show in the beginning, but I'm sold. Last week's episode gave us a taste of the Norman Bates to come. This week's episode helped solidify what a great crime drama the show is.
We plowed through the four original Psycho films last month, because it'd been a while and I was happy to see just how well they all held up over the years. Made me miss Anthony Perkins.
I've got a collaborative project in the works that I hope to be announcing soon. All I'll say is that your IPod will thank you.
Some other things to be looking for;
Epic release of the Creepshow OST from Waxworks Records. It's gore-geous!
Mego style 8" figures of Ash from Evil Dead and Iron Maiden's Eddie (as The Trooper) are coming soon from NECA. I have their retro Jason figure and it's one my favorite pieces in my collection.
Werewolves In Siberia's new album, Beyond The City of The Dead, is out now and  is fantastic. If you love '80's style horror/synthwave music this album will on heavy rotation on your audio consuming device!
I've got some new fiction done and ready to roll and I've made some major headway on three book projects, including the first volume of My Heroes Have Always Been Monsters. I'll be posting bits and pieces here soon.
All right, it's almost 3 am, the hour of the wolf. I better go now. Take care, fiends! Reviews and new chapters of Heroes are just around the bend!
(just a little blast from the past I've been writing to)

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