Thursday, April 24, 2014


I've been a monster kid all my life and a fan of real horror since the mid-80s and I think right now is the best time to be a horror fan. Our access to the most obscure gems is nearly limitless, the over-all artistic quality of films coming out is inspiring (We Are What We Are, Maniac, American Mary, Here Comes The Devil, The Innkeepers), the availability and abundance of collectibles are as attainable as your wallet allows. The boom in quality horror culture has brought a loving resurgence in vinyl soundtracks (my Re-Animator OST from Waxworks Records is to die for) with superior sound quality, amazing art, and sexy colored records.
Along side reissues of classic soundtracks from John Carpenter, Goblin, Richard Band, and Lucio Fulci films there are a number of synth bands inspired by these scores making original music. Bloody Disgusting issued a top ten list of these bands last week, but left off my two favorites; Werewolves In Siberia and Wolfmen of Mars. WiS just dropped the new album Beyond The City Of The Living Dead on April 1st and WoM will release The Light In The Corner Of Your Eye on May 2nd and they are both must owns!
Hailing from my favorite city, Boston MA, Wolfmen of Mars lays down groove heavy synth rock inspired by '70's and '80's horror films. An Abrupt Ending (To A Wonderful Evening) kicks off the album with an atmospheric doom metal feel that sets the tone for a road trip through a scary sci-fi nightmare. Boasting tougher than nails  beats, fuzzier than a lycanthrope guitars and old school keyboard this album perfectly compliments 2013's Universal Madness. And look at that cover! The album wraps up with a sick team up with another horror rock group, The Mangled Dead, that sounds like a lost Samhain song.
Go here to check out the first single, Technicolor Rd.
Go here for the group's Bandcamp page.

Where WoM have more of a rock sound, Werewolves In Siberia has a much more traditional 80's synth feel while introducing different types of beats keeping the music fresh. While WiS can certainly build a cool groove too, the emphasis is definitely on atmosphere and more cinematic. I've enjoyed this album a lot while writing at night with my headphones on. Like 2013's The Rising, Beyond The CityOf The Living Dead is an album you can just get lost in. The Woods lulls you in before chasing you into the dark recesses of your imagination. Lycanthropic Dreamscape opens the werewolf movie of your dreams. Street Vengeance should be the main theme if The Warriors remake ever happens.  The album's closer, A Hole In The Space Time Continuum, is probably my favorite with a driving synth bass line and dread to spare.
Go here to purchase WiS's albums and while you're there download the free Halloween EP and Halloween mix tapes.
So yea, as a horror fan, I've got no complaints these days...aside from being perpetually broke while any number of amazing releases come and go. This synth rock/dark-wave/whatever you call it movement is a welcome addition to the horror rock sub genre that's been a bit bloated with psychobilly and Misfits legacy bands (not to knock any of them!) the last several years.

You can follow both bands' sites at the links above and follow them on Twitter @werewolves_i_s and @wolfmenofmars. To close out here's WoM's Seance By The Sea from their first album We're Gonna Die Either Way...

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