Sunday, November 30, 2014


I want to finish Lucio Fulci's Seven Doors of Death story. Unfamiliar? They include three of his films City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, and House by the Cemetery. That leaves four doors unopened and a storytelling void that needs to be filled. I envision a graphic novel or at least a comic book series. Black and white and gory like my favorite underground comics of the 80s (have you read Dead World or Faust; Love of the Damned or Gore Shriek?) I have a plot that would take the reader through the discovery of the four doors with a single story line, told in four parts, and would reach back to the first three films as a launch point. I see this as an opportunity for multiple writers and artists who love these films to pay a loving tribute to a director who made some of the goriest and stylish films to come out of Italy. The question of rights is huge, of course, and then where does the money come from? I'm going to start working on all that after the first of the new year, right now I'm trying to wind up my newest book. Any writers and artists that are interested in this project should get in touch. I think this could kick a ton of ass!

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