Wednesday, June 17, 2015


From the press release;
Good friends for 30+ years, these two bands have finally come together in the form of a split 7″. 2014 saw both bands embark on touring across the U.S, with both also planning overseas touring in 2015. THE RIKK AGNEW BAND come hard and fast with two ferocious punk covers handpicked by Agnew. With SYMBOL SIX bringing two new professionally recorded live tracks to the table. RIKK AGNEW has been legendary in not only the OC/L.A scene but internationallly since 1979 as a member of some of the most influential bands to this day including D.I, THE DETOURS,ADOLESCENTS, SOCIAL DISTORTION, CHRISTIAN DEATH, as well as two notable solo albums. SYMBOL SIX are likewise stalwarts of the Orange County/Los Angeles scenes, having been active since 1980 in their own band as well as in early incarnations of FASTER PUSSYCAT, GUNS N’ ROSES, among others.
This is the first recorded output from THE RIKK AGNEW BAND and the first new recorded output for RIKK AGNEW in over 10 years. This is a vital piece of wax for fans of both bands, and is pressed on three different colors, and marks the beginning of more to come.
This release is fantastic, seriously. You punks need this 7" in your life.

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