Saturday, June 6, 2015


If you could hug music and give it a big girly kiss, then the music of Wolfmen of Mars would probably sue me for sexual harassment-or at least get a restraining order. This band gets a big stamp of approval from Stranger With Friction and their new album GAMISU does not disappoint.
If you're unfamiliar with WoM, they are an instrumental synth rock band who's music is heavily inspired the great horror movie soundtracks of the 70's and 80's. Not to be confused with the equally cool Werewolves In Siberia, the Wolfmen have a more fuzzed out driving rock sound.
GAMISU (which apparently means 'fuck off!' in greek) finds WoM innovating and evolving their sound, while still sounding like WoM. Particularly, the first five tracks sound exactly like what fans would expect, but following track six, Hurricane Season on Monster Island (a quieter more atmospheric track than the title suggests), the Wolfmen take it up a notch with the bi-polar-tempo Electric Snakeskin, the driving synth workout No English, fuzzy mosher Machines With Warpaint, and the demonic Morricone-esque Pazuzu Sunrise.
Making this near flawless release all the more delicious is that frame-worthy cover by Patrick Sparrow; monster hands reaching down from the the stars to destroy suburbia...pretty good description of the music there in! While the album became available on Bandcamp June 2nd, vinyl fetishists will get their fix in July when GAMISU takes on it's 12" physical form. Hit their Bandcamp page HERE  and give your day the proper soundtrack it deserves!

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