Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Treasure Hunt; SCORE!

Cool thrift store find of the day. I've got a weird relationship with Lynch's films. Wild At Heart is my absolute favorite and was an influence on me, but I've often found myself loving and hating his other films at the same time. Take Lost Highway-I loved every second of that film until it ended and I yelled "What the F-?!?" at the screen. I don't know why, it was so good, then something went wrong for me, similar experiences with Blue Velvet, Eraser Head, and the Elephant Man, but I just hated Dune and hated it even more when I discovered Alejandro Jodorowsky was set to make Dune with Moebius, Dan O'Bannon, and HR Giger (at least they got to go on and team up with Ridley Scott for Alien, but still, Dune by Jodorowsky would have been incredible!).
Anyway, regardless of how I feel about his films, I have enormous respect for Lynch as a man and an artist and his new song Crazy Clown Time is awesome!

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