Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet The Hostiles...Work In Progress

 Still very much a work in progress; These are the first of my Hostiles custom-ized Luchadors.

1st up is         Crimson Black

Spectre Oscuro 

this guy to the right is The
Death Valley

and now meet,
High Roller 

 These guys all need a little more touching up and they have some friends coming. I'm planning to make custom packaging and sell them individually with mini comics focusing on each character. Each figure is one of a kind/hand painted, from the awesome Mexican bagged luchas.
I can't wait to have the first batch completed. King Vulture will have special Hostiles comics coming to Stranger very soon. Hope you like them!


  1. Are those action figures from Mexico?? Oh WOW, I played with something like those toys when I was a child. Nice memories :D :D
    High Roller is da best!!!

  2. Thanks, yes they are! I fell in love with these figures years ago. Glad you liked HR!