Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Heroes Have Always Been Monsters Part 29

I think back to those long weekends and hot summer nights, running out to one of the local video stores. We'd usually get something for the family and maybe rent a Nintendo game for my brothers, and sometimes I'd get lucky and get to pick one for myself. I used to linger in the horror section long before I had any desire to sit through one of those bloody slabs of plastic. I was drawn to and fascinated by the lurid artwork. My imagination would run wild trying to guess what happened in those films, then would recoil in horror at the bloody and freakish pics on the back. 

I hate to be the old man that misses the good old days, but there was something about growing up during the VHS boom with mom and pop video stores that was really special, particularly if you were into horror and exploitation. Oh, the sleaze...oh, the blood...Those boxes promised so much and there was the anxiety, because you had to get it past mom (of course the trick was to stop asking her and go straight to step dad). Here's a few box covers that still really stand out in my mind. I won't attest to the quality of all of these films, but they went for it, so you've got to give them that ! This only scratches the surface of my rental history, if anyone has anything special or a kick ass box art to show off, message me, I'll put it up! 

Here's a trailer for a film I always wanted to see, but the one store in town that had a copy never got it returned or replaced; Razorback...
Keep watching the sky, nerds!

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