Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Shall Rise Again...

Times are hard, like a complete bitch. I'm using McCrapburger's wifi right now. Hopefully I'll have internet again no later than Tuesday and we'll have some new posts up. I appreciate the traffic we've apparently been getting in the last week and hope you all keep checking back. Lot's to discuss, lot's to show you.
A couple quick things; finally saw Amazing Spiderman and Green Hornet this weekend. Spidey impressed me more than I expected, in fact I really liked it. With the Green Hornet, why didn't anyone like that movie?!? It was funny as hell! Gondry's a great director, I've liked all his stuff so far. Loved the action. Maybe I just lost a few of you, sorry. NC Comic Con is next weekend, I hope to at least be there, I don't expect to pick anything up with money like it is. Whatever.
Talk to you in a fe day, fiends!

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