Friday, March 22, 2013

Come On Down To Elders Keep...

Elders Keep...'Some houses are haunted...Some ground is unholy...The town of Elders Keep is something else entirely.'

Writer and friend Jeff X Martin's Elders Keep project demands your attention.
From the site; Nestled in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains lies Elders Keep, a small town not too far off the beaten path. 
It has withstood the ravages of time, the elements and inhabitants. It has not lost its connection with the forest and the mysteries within. It is a place of strange rumblings, shadows and whispers. This is where The Fear lives, a place of horror, bloodshed and bad ideas.

The welcome mat is out. Consider this your engraved invitation.

Join us in Elders Keep. 

Chapters are available as they're released on Nook and Kindle for 99 cents. The second chapter, Be Sweet, was released on Valentines Day. This is very cool, fiends. Won't you join us..?

You can also follow Jeff on Twitter, @X_the_Unknown

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