Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lose This LIVE!

So this is available. My first E-book, Lose This Skin, ready on all formats or you can get it direct from Smashwords right HERE. (The ISBN # is 9781301974634)
King Vulture did the cover, by the way.
This collects the best of my short work from 1994-2011, including short stories, poetry, vignettes, lyrics and articles. I split it into two parts, the first being selections from my early book-zines and a few pieces that went unpublished. The second part pulls together my work from about 1999, including  two pieces I'd written for Sponic Zine (one being published for the first time), some unreleased short stories, and one that had been published by Thug Lit back in '07.
I put it together to be a short fast read like the punk albums that originally inspired me. And it's cheap-$1.99.
I've got to say, as embarrassing as it sometimes was to go through the old books, I'm pretty excited that they have a new life. Also, as much as I love having a physical book to hold, it is pretty damn cool that I can stay indie and have my work reach a global audience with the click of a button.
I hope everyone enjoys it. I know it's far from flawless, but it's like what Minor Threat said "At least I'm fucking trying ...what the fuck have you done???" ;)
Next up for me will be my debut novel Conspiracy of Birds, which will feature this SICK cover by my wife @mrs_stephie.

Thanks, fiends! I appreciate all of you who have followed this blog and gave me a reason to keep doing it! A new chapter of My Heroes Have Always Been Monsters is coming soon...

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