Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let's Cast Del Toro's Justice League Dark

Just for shits and giggles, I have NO insider info whatsoever. Justice League Dark has been a great series and I've always been a huge fan of the darker side of the DC Universe, especially Swamp Thing. Del Toro recently stated that the film would focus on Constantine trying to bring this team together, but so far no one's been cast. So here's my cast wish list. I'm not just a fan of the individuals below, but I really think they'd knock the roles out of the park.

                                             Deadman/Boston Brand...Christopher Eccleston

Madame Xanadu...Asia Argento

Swamp Thing...Derek Mears

Zatanna...Daniel Harris

John Constantine...Jude Law

Black Orchid...Lauren Cohan

Kane Hodder

Etrigan The Demon...Idris Elba

A while back I'd heard the movie may be based on the Alan Moore Swamp Thing stories that make up the A Murder of Crows trade paperback. If that's true then that leaves a few roles to fill like Dr Fate, The Phantom Stranger, and The Spectre. I don't think there's an actual script yet, but this is one I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for.
Anyone got any better suggestions?


  1. Jude Law as Constantine? A brave and balding choice. Not sure I'd agree with that.
    I would go just as controversial with my choice, though: Simon Pegg.

    1. Can't see Pegg, I don't think he could go to a dark enough place. I can see Law getting there though, with enough of a 'well-screw-it' sneer and some devilish charm. Plus, he can carry a movie and be the anchor a film like this would need. And the great Nicholas Cage has proven that balding doesn't mean not having fabulous hair! At least he'd be British and blonde this time around.