Saturday, August 10, 2019


Genaricion Suicida; Todo Termina


The Wolfgangs; Cannibal Family

The Devil Rides Out

Mortum Surfers; Playa Del Crimen

Invasion of the Bee Girls

Tiger Army; Dark and Lonely Night

House by The Cemetery

Messer Chups; Magneto

The Velvet Vampire

The Cramps; Devil Behind That Bush

Surf Nazis Must Die

Rayos X; No Conformo

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse

Hillbilly Moon Explosion; My Love Forever More

Tombs of the Blind Dead

The Ghastly Ones; Haulin' Hearse

Sugar Hill

Saturday, August 3, 2019


It's alive! ALIVE! Kids of the Black Hole; A Punksploitation Anthology is live! Featuring Paul Lubaczewski (I Never Eat...Cheesesteak), Jeremy Lowe (Daily Grindhouse, The Modern Rippers), Chris Hallock (Diabolique, Boston Underground Film Fest), Sarah Miner, and myself (Neon Sabbath, Motel On Fire, etc). With another gorgeous cover by Stephanie Murr!

There was just something special about channel surfing and coming across Class of 1984 or Repo Man on cable. How many times have you rented Suburbia and Return of the Living Dead? Do you have The Green Room and The Ranger on Blu-ray? For some of us, Punksploitation holds a special place in our hearts. Especially for those of us who came from the sticks or small towns where there was no punk scene and our only connection was the music and the movies. St Rooster Books is proud to present five tales inspired by Punksploitation; “Urchins” by Chris Hallock, “Black Thunder” by Sarah Miner, “I Love Livin’ in the City” by Paul Lubaczewski, “Skate or Die” by Jeremy Lowe, and “What We Do is Secret” by Tim Murr. The stories run the gamut from B-movie sci-fi, to weird, to funny, to splatter, to straight horror. All are written from a place of love for punk rock and the movies it inspired.

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What do you do when your family becomes your prison? Tim Murr, the author of Neon Sabbath, Motel on Fire, and City Long Suffering, takes you to a small town in East Tennessee, where a young family move into a home where a predatory spirit lies in wait with generations of tragic secrets pulsating just under the surface. THE GRAY MAN is Murr's most personal work to date and also his most horrifying.

My new novella, The Gray Man, is now live on both e and paperback formats, fiends! Featuring a gorgeous cover by Stephanie Murr, who also did the covers for Motel on Fire, Neon Sabbath, Conspiracy of Birds, and To Be One With You.

Becky Narron from Deadman's Tome Publishing said The Gray Man is "a wild, tense ride you won't forget...brilliantly written..."

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