Thursday, December 18, 2014


(press release from Blackout PR)
Blackened extreme metallers HOTH have reissued their highly-acclaimed sophomore album "Oathbreaker" on cassette format via Portland-based Death Culture Tapes.  It is available to order here.

The limited run of 100 cassettes will include a free sticker and an exclusive bonus track (a Chiptune version of "Serpentine Whispers", which you can check out here).     

"Oathbreaker" is an 8-song, 55-minute opus that "follows the story of an individual from his conception and follows him down a path that grows darker and darker. We wanted to create something that sounded mighty and hopeful in the beginning but spiraled into dreary, black despair by the end."

The Seattle-based duo, consisting of David Dees and Eric Peters, formed in 2011 and released their debut album "Infinite Darkness", the following year. More than just a follow-up to it's precursor, "Oathbreaker" is the work of a matured band possessing the rare ability to fully realize an artistic vision.


1. The Unholy Conception (7:22)
2. A Blighted Hope (5:26)
3. Cryptic Nightmares (6:27)
4. Serpentine Whispers (5:24)
5. Acolyte of the Tenebrous Night (7:11)
6. Unending Power (8:11)
7. Oblivion (6:20)
8. Despair (8:56)
9. Bonus: Serpentine Whispers [Chiptune Version] (4:54)

For more info and latest news, visit Hoth on facebook or check out their site

I have to admit, I really like this a lot...

Friday, December 12, 2014


No matter how many movies I watch, there are so many more that I get farther and farther behind on! I feel like I spent most of the year trying to catch up on last year's movies, but I do have two strong picks from the year.

Here Comes The Devil (read my review here)

The Sacrament (read my review of all of Ti West's film here


Its been a good year if you're into original soundtracks on vinyl, doom metal, and synth music. Out of all the great albums that have landed this year I chose five, one being a re-issue.

Werewolves In Siberia "Beyond The City of The Dead"

Wolfmen of Mars "The Light In The Corner Of Your Eye" (Read my joint  wolfy review here)

Mortals "Cursed To See The Future" (Read my Popshifter review here)

Timeworm "Luminescent Wake" (Read my Popshifter review here)

Creepshow original soundtrack re-issue from Waxworks Records (I didn't write a review of this amazing release, but next to last year's Re-Animator release, this is a great package! Translucent blue vinyl with GORE-GEOUS artwork from Ghoulish Gary.)