Wednesday, June 8, 2022


 We're hitting summer hard this year with a packed June, following the late May release of the author preferred edition of Jeffery X Martin's Hunting Witches.

Issue six of Stranger with Friction drops mid-month with a feature on my favorite doom/sludge metal band CROWBAR, as well as all new fiction with the theme of Dark Tourism.

 I'll have a Godless Horror exclusive new short story called "What Happened to Spider Baby Jane" dropping on June 23rd, which I'm really excited to share, since it will be my first new piece of fiction in two years (not that I haven't been busy, I've got three novellas and three screenplays in various stages of completion). 

June 28th will see the simultaneous release of Thomas R Clark's Summerhome on Godless, Nook, Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. The follow up to last year's hit, The God Provides, Summerhome is a wicked slab of terror that will leave readers reeling!

But on the 26th, we are releasing the first short story collection from Icelandic author Villimey Mist, author of the Nocturnal vampire series. As the Night Devours Us is a wildly imaginative and terrifying cycle of stories that will drop first on Godless with the paperback and Kindle to follow on July 1st.

Monday, March 28, 2022


"The new owner of a home that holds a terrible surprise. An insomniac whose quest for sleep leads you to a horrifying discovery. The parent of a little girl who holds the keys of damnation and salvation in her tiny hands. You are all these people, and more. In this brave collection, author Jeffery X Martin makes the reader the main character in fifteen nerve-grinding new stories, filled with horror, humor and jagged pieces of human nature."

"They say life is what happens when you're making other plans. It is also what happens when you need cash to record a demo, but that isn't as catchy in a song, or a meme. Al was coasting through life without a plan or a clue when he was offered a way to make quick cash without doing anything illegal, mainly because killing vampires is not technically against any laws. If he agrees he jump starts his musical career, but on the downside, he has to combat the forces of undead evil, including their horrific fashion sense. Will Al survive? Will his punk rocker sister Angie finally dump her loser boyfriend? Will Al's girlfriend come to her senses and dump him? Will Al's gruff partner Abdiel become "woke"? (Depends on your definition) Will the citizens of Philadelphia discover the dark festering evil that lurks in their very city?(other than Eagles fans) Will anyone eat an actual cheesesteak? The only way to find out is to read this book, because there will probably never be a Cliff Notes for this one!"

Both books are available on the excellent and revolutionary Godless Horror app, which is a must have for horror fans who prefer e-readers over paperbacks. For you physical media fans, Cheesesteak is available right now and Short Stories About You should be live within the next couple of days.

In Other News...

Starting in issue six of Stranger With Friction, we are excited to announce we will be serializing the new novella by Carter Johnson called Tales from Behind the Counter!

Dropping next month, April 21st, on Godless and Amazon, St Rooster Books is proud to present Saint's Blood by Ryan Bradley! Want a reason to be excited? Check out what Owen King, author of Double Feature: A Novel and Sleeping Beauties (with Stephen King) has to say about it;

"Miracles do happen in Ryan Bradley's dark and unrelenting Saint's Blood, but be warned; they come at no small price. Saint's Blood is an impressive debut. I enjoyed it and I'm excited to see what Ryan Bradley writes next." 

There's just over a month left to get your submissions in to us for No One Likes a Tourist: An Anthology of Dark Tourism. What is Dark Tourism? It's going to the site of tragedy, disaster, murder, or other dark events rather than going to Disney World for your vacation. I'm talking about touring Chernobyl or taking the Jeffery Dahmer serial killer tour. For this anthology, I'm asking you to take this concept and create your own dark tourism scenario. People going to bad places and having bad things happen to them. As always; no sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic material. I really don't like the rape-revenge sub-genre either, and I'm unlikely to accept such a story. Otherwise, go nuts! 

Word count: 3-5 thousand words

Payment: $20 and a contributor copy or the equivalent of $20 worth of contributor copies

Deadline: May 1st, 2022

Send to:

Saturday, March 5, 2022


Our two latest releases are now available! We've started our release of author preferred editions of Jeffery X Martin's books with his debut short story collection, Black Friday: An Elder's Keep Collection. Originally released in 2012, Black Friday introduces us to the town of Elder's Keep, a small town in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains with a fair share of dark secrets. This Appalachian Horror/neo-Southern Gothic collection is simply amazing, and St Rooster Books is so proud to present this handsome new edition!

Next, the sequel to last year's critical hit, Abhorrent Siren by John Baltisberger has arrived! Abhorrent Faith is a tension filled philosophical monster bloodbath that will knock you on your ass! Undead Dad Reads says, "This gem of the extreme horror literature is a fascinating, fast paced, incredible edge of your seat read that pulls the reader in a world of the most hideous, blood churning mutations including the one of faith." 
And let's not forget the latest issue of Stranger with Friction the magazine just went live this very morning! Issue five has reviews of Izzy Lee's newest short film, Eric Red and Chad Lutzke's latest novels, and new fiction from Lamont A Turner, Carter Johnson, Jeremy Lowe, and Jeremy Margaree!