Saturday, March 5, 2022


Our two latest releases are now available! We've started our release of author preferred editions of Jeffery X Martin's books with his debut short story collection, Black Friday: An Elder's Keep Collection. Originally released in 2012, Black Friday introduces us to the town of Elder's Keep, a small town in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains with a fair share of dark secrets. This Appalachian Horror/neo-Southern Gothic collection is simply amazing, and St Rooster Books is so proud to present this handsome new edition!

Next, the sequel to last year's critical hit, Abhorrent Siren by John Baltisberger has arrived! Abhorrent Faith is a tension filled philosophical monster bloodbath that will knock you on your ass! Undead Dad Reads says, "This gem of the extreme horror literature is a fascinating, fast paced, incredible edge of your seat read that pulls the reader in a world of the most hideous, blood churning mutations including the one of faith." 
And let's not forget the latest issue of Stranger with Friction the magazine just went live this very morning! Issue five has reviews of Izzy Lee's newest short film, Eric Red and Chad Lutzke's latest novels, and new fiction from Lamont A Turner, Carter Johnson, Jeremy Lowe, and Jeremy Margaree!


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