Tuesday, October 12, 2021


We're starting two subscription services at St Rooster Books! 

The first is for Stranger With Friction, our literary/horror/punk rock magazine, which drops four times a year. Our first three issues have come out really well and have received some solid reviews. We have a December issue coming to close out 2021 and then the first issue of 2022 should drop late February.

 Our second subscription service will be a lot more comprehensive; every book we release in 2022, including four issues of Stranger With Friction. We've had an amazing 2021 with the books we've released and the positive reactions from critics and readers. Subscribers will get exclusive goodies, early previews of releases, chances to win exclusive merch, and more. Part of this subscription will include seven books that I can't reveal the details on, but we're releasing six new editions of some books by one author that I LOVE and those reprints will be followed by a brand new seventh book. At this point, we have about 4-6 other new releases dropping as well, including our new anthology, which we'll be announcing an open call for in January! 

St Rooster Books 2022 releases plus a year of SWF: $130 
St Rooster Books 2022 releases: $100 
One year subscription: $40. 
Two year subscription: $70.

For details and to sign up or order any of our current and past releases direct from St Rooster, contact me at Holyrooster76@gmail.com.

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