Sunday, August 22, 2021

new sea horror anthology, LET THE WORLD DROWN, coming soon from St Rooster Books!


In just a couple short weeks LET THE WORLD DROWN: AN ANTHOLOGY OF SEA HORROR from St Rooster Books will go live! Here's a first look at the cover and the table of contents. The cover is by our Stephanie Murr, who has done the majority of our covers as well the interior art for Thomas R Clark's The God Provides.

Introduction…Tim Murr

Father’s Day…Brian M. Sammons

Warm Water…A.K. McCarthy

From the Bottle…John Baltisberger

The Pirate Rabbi and the Leviathan…John Baltisberger

A Beast of Unknown Origin…Carter Johnson

Dead WolvesPaul Lubaczewski

Hali…Lee Franklin

Out of Step…Jeremy Lowe

The Sealotus…Jedediah Smith

Adrift…Anthony S. Buoni

Oh, Fearful the Space…B.E. Goose