Saturday, July 10, 2021


The latest book from Thomas R Clark, the author of Bella's Boys and The Death List, has just unleashed his newest, wildly imaginative, and terrifying epic through St Rooster Books and is already wracking up the 5 star reviews!

The God Provides is a splatter-folk journey through time, featuring incredible interior illustrations by Stephanie Murr, award nominated cover artist and illustrator.  

The foothills of Upstate New York are alive with something terrifying. It hunts, it tempts, it traps, and there’s no escape. Thomas R Clark re-invents Irish Mythology and takes you on a bloody, emotional, and horrific journey back through time with the tale of the McEntire clan, and the devastating secrets they hold. The author of the Splatterpunk Awards nominated Bella’s Boys: A Tale of Cosmic Horror has crafted a story that’s part The Wicker Man and part Cycle of the Werewolf, but at the same time like nothing you’ve read before.

Available through Amazon in paperback and the Kindle and through Barnes & Noble in paperback, hardcover, and The Nook. (as of posting this the B&N editions are still processing, but The Nook version works just fine.) Get your copy HERE.

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